Did you know? Over 45 years, more than 20 million Dolphin torches have been sold in Australia and New Zealand.

2016: The new Dolphin LED Lantern

The new LED Lantern delivers a light output of 200 lumens and a beam distance of 250 metres. It has improved battery efficiency with over 65 hours runtime. It’s tough, waterproof and floats.

2012: Dolphin MK6 LED

The first Dolphin Lantern comes packed with a high quality LED bulb, which delivers a light output of 100 lumens and improves the efficiency of the batteries, increasing the runtime by 6 times. The rubber handle offers a better grip and improved comfort.

2003: Dolphin MK5

This torch received a Powerhouse Museum Selection Award and an Australian Design Mark in the 2003 Australian Design Awards.

The innovative features include: integrally moulded rubber shock impact zones on lens ring; new reflector design incorporating dual facet technology; adjustable stand and improved user ergonomics.

1996: Dolphin MK4

While the style of the Dolphin has changed over the years, its key attributes, namely its Tough, Waterproof and Floating features, have remained constant since 1967.

1972: Dolphin MK2

To date it has had 6 model changes, upgrading and improving its features, benefits and design.

2007: Dolphin MK6

“You’d know this was a Dolphin. And I like the way the button is protected. That’s good!” *

2000: Dolphin MK4.2

“You can’t compare the cheaper ones to a Dolphin. Dolphins are the best” *


Did you know? A Dolphin torches once saved a man’s life - Sydney to Hobart race contender, Garry Schipper. read the article

1988: Dolphin MK3

Dolphin is one of the most reliable and durable range of torches around, which makes them ideal for a multitude of situations:

  • At home: blackouts, taking out the garbage, checking for possums, in the car for emergencies, etc.
  • At work: In roofs, under residences, installing cabling, working in a commercial capacity when lighting is restricted and even sowing crops at night
  • Outdoors: camping, fishing and boating

1967: Dolphin MK1

Dolphin Torches have been lighting up the lives of Australian & New Zealand families since 1967, when the first MK1 lantern was launched.

“A Dolphin torch lives forever” *

*Source: Need2Know Focus Groups – November 2010